Beauty Trends


Honey, is known as one of most ancient ingredients used not only as an healing agent but also a product that helps the appearance of both the skin and the hair.  In our quest to find real life subjects who would attest to this great natural substance, we ran interviews with several people. Our search led us to two individuals, one of them practically lives by it. We had to sit with her to get details and as expected, we were not disappointed.

Susan Peters is a Nollywood phenomenon and can arguably be called a “Veteran” if we may. Looking through several images, one thing was consistently constant, a glowing skin. Skin that was not only glowing but felt as soft as well (we had to touch), we took no time in diving into her beauty regimen.




Within two minutes, the Nollywood goddess revealed that one of her special secrets was honey. She explained that “honey” was her resolve for a lot of things. Before any big day or night out, she would cover her entire skin with pure natural honey and leave on the skin for about 15-20 minutes. She would later rinse off with warm water. The results can be immediately felt on the skin.

As we delved deeper into the interview, she proceed to tell us more about her beauty process. After she has completed the cleansing process with honey, she uses one of the Clinique ranges for her facial skincare regiment. Her go-to body products are Jergens Shea Butter mixed with 100 percent Argan Oils. On a typical day, her favourite powder and blush are by MAC and this also includes her favourite lipstick whilst her favourite perfume of all time is “La Vie est Belle” by Lancome, we can only imaging the aroma when she is set after her entire beauty regiment.


When asked about Beauty tips that would help any woman, she didn’t mince words when she said, ” Ancient Egyptians natural remedies are known to take extreme care of the skin and this is what I live by. Asides from honey, I also use coconut oil and Argan oil with my body creams and I massage into my body for like 20 minutes to get the best results”. To this we say, you get out of your skin the time you put in.
As we wrapped up, she concludes her interview by giving us some insight into her plans for 2017. From what she disclosed, we are all in for a treat, the brand SP just went up a thousand notches.