About World PR Limited

  • World PR Media Limited have since 2006, amassed recognition as a Public Relations, Strategic Communications, Marketing, and a Management Development Partner in diverse sectors including Oil and Gas, Energy, Mining, Infrastructure, Manufacturing , Finance, Food and Beverage, Media as well as Lifestyle and Fashion.
  • We always aim to bridge the gap (through strategy creation/execution) between markets and industries, challenges and counter measures, problems and solutions whilst keeping the goal and mission in mind with every brand or project we handle.
  • The boom in several markets in Africa recently did not leave behind the beauty industry. An industry with so many noticeable developments, its changes had to be documented. This led to the birth of our projects. We launched our own signature projects in the beauty industry in December 2014. One was an event – called “The Luxury Beauty Brunch” whilst the other was a DOCUMENTARY & MAGAZINE called “The Beauty Reports by World PR Media”