Venivici spa

The Venivici Spa located at Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos is a beauty place dedicated to treating customer Spa needs with strong emphasis placed on preventive health as much as on Beauty enhancement.

The Spa is focused on the importance of Health and wellness and how end users are to consciously pay attention to their health, because of the harsh environment condition and stress of the modern day life.

Venivici spa has a lot of therapeutic, natural and non-invasive wellness and Spa methods applied by professional masseuses who go all out to ensure that clients get a relaxing and soothing experience.


They reiterate the need for clients to vigorously maintain their health not only with physical exercise or nutrition, but also through constant visits to spa. They also inform that constant check of one’s health and a conscious effort to maintain a healthy balance will prevent short and long term illness especially those with the ability to damage internal body organs usually brought about by stress, bad eating habits, and harsh environmental conditions amongst others. To avoid ill health, it is imperative that we live and act in a manner that promotes active and healthy lifestyle.

All these can be achieved not just by proper and nutritious diets, exercise, Sleep, using appropriate cosmetics for the environment but also regular visits to the Spa.

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