Beauty, a perception and combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses has spanned through various times and cultures, our team at World Pr Media Beauty Division has dedicated this year to show the real definition of Beauty and redefine existing perception to suit current trends in how cosmetology plays a role in our daily lives.

Our Beauty plans as unveiled monthly are as follows, in the Months of January to March, are the months of Words and Meaning, Brands and Spotlights, on Skincare.

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We would unveil a Beauty Dictionary with key words and explanation of these words to enlighten and inform our audiences, we would publicize selected brands with high relevance in the Beauty sector, and intensify brand awareness on proven effective Skincare products with worth noting results.

Our signature Luxury Beauty Brunch, will would be held in April, with theme; Year of Skincare. This promises to be as usual an enlightening experience for the brunching guests.


May is the World Pr Media Beauty Week, an intense Four days event filled with Business/ Beauty personnels/ end users and Press with an intent to educate, enlighten, inform, create brand awareness and render top notch services amidst entertainment and fun.


In the Months of June to November, we are dedicating it to features on Fabulous Beautinista (Beauty Enthusiasts), and other special features like Beauty meets entertainment, Film, Art, Fashion and Music.

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Our focus would be on trendy Beautinista, key industry entertainers via Music and Comedy branding Beauty products on social media with contributions from pioneers of Movie and Film sectors on a crusade to drive the necessity of Beauty and its relevance to the sector,


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As usual December would not be complete without another segment of the Luxury Beauty Brunch on Skincare part (2) which would conclude our 2017 year of Skincare.


We look forward to an exciting new year with our Team, existing and aspiring Clients, Sponsors, Media Partners, Bloggers, Fashionistas, Beautinista and Beauty Analysts.

From The Editors Desk.

Tayo Afolabi.

Photo credits – Photograph by Celebrity Photog @pharaohsphotography | Styled by @admstyleroom in @admprojects | Hat by @enemaya_stores | Make Up by @lachaecosmeticsafrica | A World PR Vision