Welcome to our first issue of The Beauty Reports, the first beauty industry print magazine in Nigeria to also have an app and a documentary to support it. Now, to be clear, the content on all the different platforms will not be duplicated, we just wanted the best ways to present different types of information to our audiences. Our first six issues (Vol 1) is packed with trends reviews from our celebrity contributors in the likes of Bolanle Olukanni,Shade Ladipo, Kaylah Oniwo, Layole Oyatogun who all represent the different forms of women out there and how we women view trends for our body or face type As the Volume unfolds you will see the latest trends through their eyes and experience from experts they come in contact with by virtue of their jobs.

Back to this particular issue, you will learn from skincare gurus like Dr Vivian Oputa and renowned Beauty Industry Brand specialists like Vivienne whose column “The Business or Beauty” will greatly add value to any stakeholder in the beauty industry. Till the next issue, catch up on updates on the app and visit our website/YouTube Channel for the documentary and stay beautiful in and out.